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When VMware Horizon View Linked Clone or Instant Clone VDIs are started, the Ivanti User Virtualization Manager service is in a stopped state, even though the service is set to Automatic and is also running on the master image. This issue is caused by the clone process that VMware uses when spinning up the linked clones.

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Yes. I am having the same issue. I get to created Template and replica (clone of the template basically) during Instant Clone creation. However, I dont get to create the parent VM's. I have super research everything with no luck. Any help is appreciated.
• Resolve common issues that occur in a VMware Horizon environment • Troubleshoot issues with linked and instant clones • Configure the Windows client • Identify the correct log level for gathering logs • Optimize protocols for best end-user experience Target Audience ...
Instant Clone provisions in few minutes using the VMware fork technology. Comparing itself to the old Linked Clones in old Horizon versions, the typical issues with Boot Storms are eliminated as instant clones are always live and ready for use.
Support for the VMware Update Manager includes parity issue with linked clones, and it does not support IC without a parent, so it won't work with vTPM. Instead, you can put the server into maintenance mode manually. Smart Provisioning includes vGPU defaults to instant clones without parents, and Linux desktops default to smart provisioning.
This module can be used for Creating a powered-on Instant Clone of a virtual machine. All variables and VMware object names are case sensitive.:ref:`community.vmware.vmware_guest <community.vmware.vmware_guest_module>` module is needed for creating a VM with poweredon state which would be used as a parent VM.
Freezing the Source Virtual Machine for an Instant Clone Operation Before you start the instant clone operation, you issue a VMware Tools command in the guest operating system, which freezes the source virtual machine. This is only needed one time, prior to the first instant clone operation.
The issue is a general framework issue seen for all applications like Acrobat and Reader, including Microsoft Excel. Some shortcuts with a combination of shift+ctrl do not work in Chrome. For example, using Shift+Ctrl+T to insert a blank page in existing document does not work on Chrome for VMware Horizon 6.2.
Instant Clone Technology is built on VMware vSphere® VMFork and is built into the VMware ESXi™ hypervisor. This eliminates the need for a dedicated server and external database, reduces overhead on VMware vCenter®, and dramatically improves provisioning times and efficiency.

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